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We’ve all slogged through novels with boring, predictable, or chit-chat dialogue. In many genres, dialogue makes up half of the novel, so dialogue can make or break your bond with readers. Discover how to craft purposeful, quotable dialogue, by applying techniques used by screenwriters and playwrights. Conducted online over four weeks, the Crafting Memorable Dialogue Workshop offers ten practical lessons to apply immediately to your work in progress. At the end of each of the 10 lessons, the student applies the lesson to a chapter of his own work in progress.

The lessons are:

  • Discovering when and when not to use dialogue
  • Infusing conflict
  • Employing text and subtext
  • Creating suspense
  • Transforming the predictable
  • Cutting to the chase
  • Individualizing characters through speech markers
  • Applying the stimulus/response pattern for clarity
  • Using three types of tags to show goals, motivations, and conflict, and
  • Formatting and punctuating dialogue properly.


See the schedule of offerings on the left side of this page. For anyone who wants to take the workshop on your own schedule, a recording of the workshop (and handouts) is offered through the Author’s Community for $35. Click here:


“I just finished it and even if you think you know how to write dialogue, I guarantee you will learn something to make your characters stand out. The lessons are fantastic, and she is a wonderful hands-on instructor who is more than happy to answer any questions.”

Patricia Marshall

“The lessons were exactly what I needed to know and I can’t wait to go through my WIP [work-in-progress] and apply my new knowledge.”

Debbie Curtis

“My eyes are well and truly opened now. I shall read and reread your notes on dialogue.”

Roseanne Smiles

“I love your teaching style and your charts are particularly helpful for quick reference.”

Sharon Lightsey


6 thoughts on “EVENTS

  1. Dawn Baca

    Joni Fisher’s workshop on Crafting Memorable Dialogue helped me tremendously. I was able to learn so much from the month long course. I am so glad that I took it.
    She is able to help identify some of the slow spots in my WIP and work with me on making some great changes.
    I would recommend taking this workshop to anyone who needs to look deeper at their WIP.

  2. Welles Brandriff

    Dialogue has always been my stumbling block. Either the characters sound too much the same or, in some cases, their conversation sounds somewhat stilted i.e. do real people actually talk like that? Plus some of my characters are too long-winded. Lots of good tips from Joni on how to shorten and sharpen the conversational exchanges and also how to give characters individual tics so they sound different.
    Thanks, Joni

  3. Darlene Warner

    I gained so much from this workshop, that writing a “comment” can not express my overwhelming gratitude. The workshop combines practical advise with each lesson and wonderful reference sites.

  4. Alice Gilmartin

    Hi Joni,
    I listened in when you spoke recently at Outreach Inter. chapter on dialogue and enjoyed the information. Was looking for the info on your website that you spoke of at the lecture. Also asking if you could please send me the PowerPoint presentation and any other materials from your lecture. I have signed up for your online class in Oct. from FTHRW. And looking forward to it.
    Alice Gilmartin

    1. Joni M Post author

      Thanks for your feedback on my presentation. The downloadable document on editing is on the very bottom of the EDITING SERVICES page of this website. Click on the words “Advice on Editing by Joni” for the document. I will email you the slide show and handout from the workshop for your use only. See you in October’s month-long workshop.

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