Joni M. Fisher


Series: Compass Crimes Series

cover art for book South of Justice shows woman walking into fog on a bridge
South of Justice
ISBN 978-0-9972575-2-6
North of the Killing Hand


Long before publishing my first novel, I earned a living as a journalist. Here are some of my favorite articles over the years.


Smoking Fun Stearman

I won an aerobatic ride with airshow performer Gary Rower.














Robert DeLaurentis book Zen and the Art of Circumnavigation<br /> What does it take to fly around the world?<br /> Pilot Robert DeLaurentis recently took time to share what he learned during his historic 2015 solo circumnavigation of the world.<br /> His new book, “Zen Pilot: Flight of Passion and the Journey Within,” details the historic 98-day, 26,000-mile ultimate cross-country.


Zen and the Art of Circumnavigation

What does it take to fly around the world alone?








Flying Monument to Vietnam MIAs A Flying Monument to Vietnam MIAs (2015)<br /> This particular Mohawk, purchased eight years ago by pilot and airshow performer Joe Masessa, M.D. of Florida, was painted with the names of 1,636 Vietnam MIAs last month. Masessa has flown the plane to











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