Joni M. Fisher


South of Justice

“South of Justice is a multi-layered, intricate, and suspenseful page-turner you’ll want to read in one sitting.” —Diane Capri, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Hunt for Jack Reacher Thrillers


“Past secrets test the bonds of family loyalty and a fledgling love affair. The unwavering strength of the protagonists, their commitment to the truth and to each other will have you cheering for South of Justice.” —Melissa Hladik Meyer, Author of Good Company


“Bottom line is: South of Justice is a multilayered romantic book that will grasp your attention and lure you to read it in one sitting.” —


“A fabulous start to an intense series with a large cast of characters I couldn’t help but love and cheer for. Fisher is a master weaver of intrigue and strong characters willing to go the distance to get things done while keeping their love strong.” –K.D. Fleming, author and Golden Heart Winner


“Tightly written, complex characters, intriguing plot—all the ingredients for a great read! This debut book is a winner, and I am looking forward to more books in the future.” –Diane Burke, award-winning author of inspirational romantic suspense


“South of Justice has an intricate plot with several twists and turns. Long-held secrets keep the reader turning pages all the way to the end. I really enjoyed reading South of Justice and recommend it for anyone who enjoys crime stories with a touch of romance.” –Luv2read


“I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and the twists and turns had me turning pages deep into the night.” –Vicki W Tharp, Author of Don’t Look Back


“Joni M. Fisher weaves a tale of passionate love, undying loyalty and enduring friendship between strong characters bound together and tested by deep-rooted principles. Curl up in your favorite chair with a tasty snack and a refreshing beverage—you won’t want to move until you’ve turned the last page of South of Justice.” –Donna Kelly, Author of Brass Chains


South of Justice cover artAt thirty-five, veterinarian Terri Pinehurst has achieved the financial, social, and personal goals in her life, except for one. She wants a lifetime kind of love, but like all her goals, this one, too, has high standards. When she meets FBI Agent Blake Clayton, he exceeds her hopes and wakes up dormant passions in her. The day they marry at Blake’s family’s ranch in North Carolina, fishermen find bones in the nearby river that lead to an investigation into the death of a missing neighbor. Terri launches her own search for the truth and an elusive witness, but should she believe the mounting evidence against her husband or her heart?

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South of Justice is the first book in the Compass Crimes Series.




North of the Killing Hand

“A gifted story-teller, Joni Fisher writes with energy and passion that comes to life in her characters. North of the Killing Hand is an intricate and suspenseful read that grips the reader from start to finish.” –John Foxjohn, International, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author

5-Star Reader's Favorite Rating

5-Star Reader’s Favorite Rating

“North of the Killing Hand is another brilliant entry in the Compass Crimes Series by Joni M Fisher, a compelling and intricately woven story for fans of crime fiction. The plot centers on Nefi Jenkins, whose experience of murder will shape her future in unimaginable ways. She is just fourteen when she witnesses the murder of her parents. Rescued from Brazil and brought to the US, she learns a new way of life, and connects deeply with those who have stood by her. As she grows up, the desire to join the law enforcement service becomes an obsession for her. But is it for the sheer desire to serve her new country or the thirst for revenge? The answer will surprise readers and it’s worth finding out. Joni M Fisher’s work reminded me powerfully of the movie Colombiana, but there is nothing that makes the 2011 film close to this well-imagined and masterfully executed story. Witnessing one’s parents being murdered is a powerful premise for a psychologically absorbing story and the author has used this premise as a springboard to create a character that is rock-solid and with great psychological depth. The international setting is equally fascinating and readers will enjoy the way the author establishes the contrast between two worlds, building a powerful conflict around it as the protagonist adjusts and evolves. The themes are well explored, including crime, love and devotion, the sense of justice and revenge. North of the Killing Hand is a beautifully paced, absorbing story that keeps readers’ eyes on its pages.” –Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite 5-stars

North of the Killing Hand is a 2016 finalist!

North of the Killing Hand is a 2016 finalist!

cover artNorth of the Killing Hand was released in October, 2016.

Years after witnessing the murder of her parents, Nefi Jenkins pursues a career in law enforcement, but later must choose between the rule of law and the temptation of revenge.

Available in paperback and ebook through Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble