Joni M. Fisher


Click on ARTICLES above to see the full text of articles I’ve written for magazines and newspapers. I have written on many topics, but these are my favorites because they involve people I admire, like director David Nutter, and my hobby–aviation. I hope you enjoy them. Below are links to a sampling of articles I’ve written for General Aviation News & SUN ‘n FUN Today. To read the full article, click on the picture.

Summer Camp with Altitude

teen camper at cockpit of FlightSafety aircraft taxiing for take off.

This is not your father’s summer camp.



Smoking Fun Stearman Gary Rower of Rower Airshows donated a flight in his Stearman to the SUN ‘n FUN Media pool drawing and on Friday morning, April 7, 2017, I won. Abandoning dignity, I raised my arms in the air and gave a whoop of joy. For the 24 hours leading up to the scheduled Saturday morning ride, I told everyone I encountered about it with evangelistic zeal. I was insufferable to friends, family, total strangers — you name it.

It’s All About the Plane
Flying a P-51 Mustang is the dream of many pilots. Owning a Mustang, according to businessman and pilot Andrew McKenna, is a way of honoring those who flew them.


E.T. and His Seabee: Sharing the Joy
“That belongs to E.T. He’a a party waiting for a place to happen,” Barb Bailey said.


Repo Man Mike Kennedy: Aircraft and Adrenaline
Do you need someone to steal a jet, catch a crocodile, or skydive in to extract venom from a King Cobra? Meet the Airplane Repo man with nerves of steel, Mike Kennedy.

Love at First Flight
Braylon Faulkner, 6, fell in love with airplanes on his first flight.









Robert DeLaurentis book

Zen and the Art of Circumnavigation What does it take to fly around the world? Pilot Robert DeLaurentis recently took time to share what he learned during his historic 2015 solo circumnavigation of the world. His new book, “Zen Pilot: Flight of Passion and the Journey Within,” details the historic 98-day, 26,000-mile ultimate cross-country.

Flying Monument to Vietnam MIAs

A Flying Monument to Vietnam MIAs (2015)
This particular Mohawk, purchased eight years ago by pilot and airshow performer Joe Masessa, M.D. of Florida, was painted with the names of 1,636 Vietnam MIAs last month. Masessa has flown the plane to Oshkosh and various fly-ins and airshows around the country.
The Mohawk was used by Army Intelligence and the CIA to fly at 500 feet, illuminate an enemy’s position using a 2,500-volt flasher pod with a self-enclosed generator, and photograph the site. The flasher pod is under the co-pilot’s wing beside the exterior tank.







Triple Tree The Fly-in Upgraded

Triple Tree The Fly-in Upgraded (2014) Aside from the 7,000-foot long, 400-foot wide pristine grass runway, the manned control tower, the granite countertops in the restrooms, and the hospitality of more than 80 volunteers, this year’s Triple Tree Fly-In, held Sept. 3-7 in Woodruff, South Carolina, offered even more upgrades.

Splash-in the wet Sun 'n Fun

Splash-in: The Wet SUN ‘n FUN (2015) At this year’s SUN ’n FUN, the Seabirds flocked to Lake Agnes at Fantasy of Flight for their 22nd Annual Splash-In. The Splash-In, held on Thursday of the week-long SUN ’n FUN, attracted approximately 70 seaplanes and a large drive-in crowd. The seaplane pilots competed in a variety of contests and ended their day with the traditional banquet.


The Fun Rating (2014) Known as the fun rating, seaplane flying has an adventurous allure. Seaplane pilots venture into hard-to-reach places, such as villages in Alaska, fishing spots in Canada, Florida swamps, Amazon rivers, small bays, and Caribbean islands.