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Joni M FisherAfter graduating from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana with a degree in journalism, I worked in New Orleans to earn my PhT [put husband through]. Ended up with my fingerprints on file at the FBI as a registered representative for a brokerage company, then did five years in banking as a technical writer. Gee, did that sound like serving time? Well, spend days in meetings while people bicker about whether or not use of ‘he’ in a policy will offend the female employees and tell me that isn’t akin to punishment for someone nursing dreams of writing novels.

After hubby graduated we moved to central Florida where I wrote for magazines and hammered out my first novel. It’s buried where no one will find it. Next I launched into serious study of the craft of writing fiction while raising a daughter and taking on short-term jobs, like teaching report writing at the local police academy with a detective and a police lieutenant, and editing for two small publishing houses.

Hubby took up flying, so I took a course to learn how to call for help and land the plane. Fell in lust with flying and earned my private pilot’s license in 1996 and my instrument rating in 2000. After becoming a pilot I wrote for various aviation magazines. Since 2010 I have been teaching workshops on writing dialogue to share techniques I learned from undergraduate and graduate courses in playwriting. My first book in the Compass Crimes Series, South of Justice, came out in print and eBook formats on May 15, 2016. The second book is North of the Killing Hand which comes out October 16, 2016. Each book runs about 95,000 words and has a crime as the central story and a romantic subplot with strong female characters. North of the Killing Hand is a prequel to South of Justice.

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Please take a few minutes to review my books, because your reviews help other readers discover debut authors like me and reviews remind me that someone has read my work. Writing is predominantly solitary work, so feedback from outside my writing cave encourages me more than I can describe.

If you can’t find me at home, look up for a blue and white Cessna 210. We put a new engine in the beauty in 2015.

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